The future is immersive

Roblox is the leading immersive platform that creates unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with a massive global audience. By joining the Roblox community, you’ll unlock opportunities to foster brand affinity, engagement, and loyalty that extend beyond the platform. Journey into the future of communication and position your brand as an industry leader.

Leading Immersive Platform

Immerse, engage, connect

Immersive is the future of communication — and Roblox is at the forefront.


daily active users as of Q1 2024


cumulative brand activations on Roblox as of Q1 2024*

* Brand activations are the number of brand activities on the Roblox platform that are either facilitated by our creator community or directly by the brand. A brand or partner can have more than one activation at any given time.

Deep engagement & connection

Collaborate with a leaned-in audience

Turn audiences into advocates when you invite them to participate in your brand purpose.


hours per user per day as of Q1 2024


hours engaged on Roblox in Q1 2024

Scaled Community, Global reach

Introduce your brand to new people

Unlock unprecedented engagement with an audience that’s constantly growing.


countries on Roblox as of Q4 2023


available languages as of Q1 2024