Answers to creator FAQs on Roblox

About Brands on Roblox

How do brands show up on Roblox?

As the leading immersive platform, Roblox gives unprecedented opportunities for brands to deeply engage with communities at scale. There are more than 370 cumulative brand activations on Roblox where brands have created unique, meaningful connections with the community through custom Roblox Marketplace items, limited-time integrations, celebrity meet & greets, concerts, and persistent immersive experiences.* Brands are customizing and optimizing their Roblox strategy leveraging a mix of solutions. Visit Solutions to learn more.

* Data as of Q1 2024. Brand activations are the number of brand activities on the Roblox platform that are either facilitated by our creator community or directly by the brand. A brand or partner can have more than one activation at any given time.

How can I find a partner on Roblox?

There are two ways to find a partner from Roblox’s massive creator community. You can connect through the Roblox Partner Program, which scales brand innovation and enables a self-serve, global advertising ecosystem on Roblox. The Partner Program unites visions with actionable financial alignment through a broad network of developer studios, agencies, brands, and third-party sellers, resulting in a suite of meaningful incentives and Immersive Ad campaigns that work for brands like yours. You can also explore portfolios through our talent hub and connect with platform developers who can elevate your activation and help drive results for your business. Visit Find a Partner to learn more.

My brand is just getting started. What resources are available?

Roblox has a growing library of helpful resources. For detailed guides and tips on how to get started, visit Resources. For the latest trends in virtual spaces, read our Trend Report. For feature announcements, visit News and Announcements.

What types of monetization opportunities are on Roblox for Brands?

Many brands choose to monetize with virtual goods on the Roblox Marketplace. Brands can optimize earnings with Immersive Ads, immersive experiences, and the entire suite of Roblox solutions. To learn more about monetization opportunities for brands, check out our resource on the Roblox virtual economy.

About developing on Roblox

How can I create a branded immersive experience?

Visit Inspiration to get ideas for your activation, then read Activating on Roblox: Getting Started

What qualities should I look for in a development partner?

It’s important to choose the right developer to best represent your brand on Roblox. Consider community developers who can translate your brand into a community-focused experience. Visit Inspiration to learn more about successful Roblox activations — and the developers who created them.

What are Immersive Ads?

Immersive Ads enable seamless brand visibility with leaned-in audiences across the Roblox platform. Image ads, video ads, and portal ads can be combined with a holistic advertising solution that empowers scalable activations and real results for brands of all sizes. Visit Advertising to learn more.

How do I create age-appropriate experiences on Roblox?

Roblox is a platform for all ages with a foundation of safety and civility. Expanded Experience Guidelines allows brands, artists, and creators age 17+ to create content exclusively for mature audiences. Creators and people must be 17 or older and ID verified to access content in this category. To learn more, read Activating on Roblox: Brand Safety.

What tools are available for creators on Roblox?

We offer effective tools for every stage of the Roblox journey. In the Roblox Creator Hub, creators can access documentation, our performance dashboard, and Roblox Studio. We also offer analytics and performance measurement tools. Learn how you can partner with a community developer to effectively use these tools by reading Activating on Roblox: Partnering with Developers.

About success on Roblox

I’m ready to create my Roblox strategy. Where do I start?

Congratulations on beginning your Roblox journey! We've created a library of resources to help you activate successfully. Visit Resources to browse our tailored guides, solution deep-dives, and platform insights that can help you power your Roblox strategy.

How do I measure success on the platform?

We offer detailed performance metrics for every brand and creator on Roblox. Whether you measure success in visits, virtual goods purchases, or hours spent in your experience, you'll be able to track, demonstrate, and scale with our analytics tools. Learn more by reading Activating on Roblox: Getting Started.

How can I promote my Roblox activation?

Brands can promote on and off the Roblox platform. For on-platform strategies, you can create clear, compelling assets such as an icon, thumbnail, and key art that showcase your experience and what people can expect to see when they start exploring. Your brand can also drive discoverability via Roblox Immersive Ads, and create evergreen content strategies that drive repeat visits. With off-platform strategies, your brand can develop promotional assets, engage influencers, and submit your experience to Roblox to potentially be featured. To submit your experience, fill out this submission form 6–8 weeks before your ideal featuring date. Please note: date of featuring is dependent on Roblox’s editorial calendar and cannot be guaranteed. Following creative best practices will help ensure your partner’s activation can be featured in a timely manner and that the creative assets work without revisions. And don’t forget to @ mention Roblox and #Roblox in your social posts so our team — and your community — can find your posts! Visit Inspiration to learn more about brand strategies for experience advertising.

What benchmarks should I set for my team?

Success looks different for every brand on Roblox. We empower creators with tools, resources, and inspiration to help contextualize how similar brands measure success. However, every brand should develop their own benchmarks and then optimize, learn, and grow with the community. Visit Resources to learn more about creating your own Roblox strategy and tracking performance on the platform.

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