71.5M users, 2.4 hrs daily. Only on Roblox.

Join the hundreds of brands, artists, and talent already forging deep connections with a global audience on the largest immersive platform.

Data as of Q4 2023

Launch your brand in three steps


Get inspired

Explore strategies, optimizations, and outcomes from successful brand activations on Roblox.

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Identify goals

Align with your team on the right solutions to achieve your goals with a Roblox strategy.

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Start creating

Connect with the Roblox creator community, launch your strategy, and activate in an immersive space.

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Generate IRL value with immersive digital strategies

From seamless avatar shopping to always-on immersive experiences, brands are mobilizing on Roblox — and reaping real benefits. Get inspired as you create your own strategy to deeply connect at scale.

Solutions as unique as your brand


Create deeper connections and engage millions of people by advertising through Immersive Ads across the Roblox platform.

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A billboard for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie appears in a Roblox experience.
A digital avatar sits in lotus pose facing a figure in a wide-legged forward bend yoga pose in the Alo Sanctuary experience.
A sports car with NASCAR painted on the side sits in front of an aerial photo of a race in the digital experience Jail Break.
A digital avatar wears a Vans baseball tee shirt beside a window with details about the shirt.
A digital avatar wears a sparkling pink bodysuit patterned with the word “Sliving.”


Create a virtual environment — from yoga studios to race tracks to watch parties — where your audience can explore, learn, play, and connect for deeper brand engagement.

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Collaborate with popular Roblox experiences to increase visibility and jumpstart brand awareness with their engaged audiences.

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Shopping experiences

Showcase your virtual goods with a lightweight customizable experience that encourages people to try on several unique looks with their friends.

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Virtual goods

Join the avatar economy and build brand affinity with virtual hairstyles, emotes, and clothing available platform-wide through the Roblox Marketplace.

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Build your Roblox strategy from the ground up

Getting Started
Brand Guide
A translucent cube rests on its corner on a rippling, lined black surface.

Activating on Roblox: Getting Started

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